Our Telehealth devices open up a whole new way to conduct health checks for healthcare professionals and caregivers offering telehealth services to patients. With complete mobility, this easy-to-use device will offer options to businesses and organisations to carry out remote medical checks and seamlessly communicate with medical professionals.

ProEX Telehealth

ProEx Telehealth Hub Device

This state-of-the-art device is specifically designed and engineered to enable health practitioners all over the world to confidently carry out detailed telemedicine examinations to patients based in regional, remote, rural and urban areas.

With high-quality, live video and imaging capabilities via its optional GEIS HD Camera, which is integrated with the unit’s ergonomic design. The HD camera uses built-in, high-intensity white LED illumination and precision optics to consistently deliver quality patient data.

Scott Clark Ergotron Cart

Scott Clark Hot Swap Battery Powered Cart

In partnership with US military grade battery manufacturer Ultralife to produce what is genuinely the best of breed. The simple design makes it easy for caregivers to install and remove the battery using one-handed operation, enabling powered mobile workstations for 24/7 use. 

The battery system can be added to our Ergotron and HC range of non-powered medical carts or retro-fit to any existing non-powered cart with our hot swap power system for a cost effective conversion to LiFe power!



Offers the ability to transport to whatever location is needed


Feed valuable telehealth information directly to GP’s, doctors and nurse



Quality product with best in field technology and hardware

This equipment offers a comprehensive, mobile solution for a large range of businesses and organisations. Telehealth examinations can be done remotely and accurately with an integrated option to feed information back to a GP, Doctor or Nurse to interpret and act on.
Telehealth services such as these offer corporate companies as well as those in remote areas security and confidence with the ability to safely carry out a contactless health check with guidance. Telemedicine provides remote communities, as well as populations in isolated environments real-time and effective healthcare.