CyberMed NB22

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A medical cart computer that provides you the freedom to do what you need without the need to be plugged in.

The CyberMed NB22 comes with multiple hot-swap batteries that provide up to 21 hours of use on a single charge and a larger version is also available here (24inch monitor).

To ensure your device is always ready to go, multiple hot swap batteries can be charged at a multi-battery charging station and the extended battery life easily allows you to use the device throughout an entire shift.

Designed for used with non-powered carts, this is a standalone all-in-one device that can also power peripherals such as printers, scanners and card readers. It is anti-microbial and IP65 rated for easy disinfection.

The low power consumption components also require fewer moving parts allowing fanless cooling technology to eliminate a common source of nosocomial infections (fans suck air in, then blow it back out, spreading disease from one location to another).

With no need for a powered cart anymore, your TCO can be significantly reduced while increasing productivity by having the right tools in the right place.

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