Our Approach

From start to finish and beyond, we are there with you.

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Our Approach

  • Initial project scope – understanding objectives and outcome
  • Product Demonstration – Mobile showroom
  • Engage with Project Team, OH&S, Infection Control, NUMS and other stakeholders


Specification Phase

  • End User Testing of proposed product insitu
  • Site Audit – visit to each proposed location to idenfify suitable product
  • Project specification provided including any wokflow recommendations


Procurement Phase

  • Procurement of specified products from multiple local and overseas vendors and arrangement of practical delivery
  • Co-ordination of delivery with customer and development of programme for end-user deployment


Installation Service Phase

  • On or Off-Site installation to agreed schedule always complying with each sites requirements/regulations
  • IT Hardware Integration and Testing – Integrate customer hardware with equipment. Implement test plan.


After Sales Support

  • Maintenance Program – Ensure product remains operational, provides support for incidental damage and the provision for any technical upgrades

We work with

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