Medical Wall And Ceiling Mounts


Our range of versatile and functional Medical Device Mounts, provide effortless movement with long-lasting durability. Combining keyboard and monitor mounts for wall, ceiling and pole attachments, they allow healthcare workers to seamlessly manage a variety of tasks with ease.


Ultra 180 Arm with Keyboard Tray

Ultra 180 Arm with Keyboard Tray

The Ultra 180 ArmEV 710 with an 11″ extension arm is an innovative solution to the sit-stand workstation. With 180° of vertical arm rotation and up to 360° of horizontal rotation of your monitor and keyboard while this mountis fully counter balanced and supports up to 14.5 kg, making lifting or lowering your keyboard or monitor effortless.

Styleview Vertical Lift, High Traffic Areas

Perfect for space-constrained and high-traffic areas. The low profile vertical lift provides 9″ (23 cm) of smooth vertical adjustment and folds into a slim, compact unit when not in use—less than 4″ (10.2 cm) from the wall. A unique cable management system conceals and organizes cords and makes cleaning a snap!

Elite 5216 Short Arm with Keyboard Tray

Elite 5216 Short Arm with Keyboard Tray

The Elite 5216 w/ Paralink supports up to 9.9 kg while providing effortless movement. It allows an LCD to be suspended and pulled out when required and is fully cable managed, and gas spring assisted. It provides up to 42″ of vertical and horizontal adjustment from mount to monitor, and 180° of rotation, making it ideal in medical operating rooms or dental operatories.


Time Saving

Eliminate the need to carry and transport equipment

Minimise Contact

Mounted hardware reduces the amount of contact needed with equipment


From ceiling, pole and wall mounts, their versatility will suit any need


Medical wall mounts and vital signs mounts are a crucial way of reducing direct contact with medical equipment. Debetrek offers options for every variation of hospital mounts such as: ceiling mounts, computer mounts, keyboard arm, keyboard mount, scanner mounts & monitor wall mount. We source both ICWUSA mounts and Ergotron wall mounts. Multiple accessories that are compatible with products provided by GE, Phillips, Welch Allyn & Draegar. Medical mounts are adaptable to changing hospital, aged care, dentists and other health care environments. We can create tailored solution for all hospital equipment including temporary environments that aid in managing urgent hospital response, especially in the event of a global pandemic.