Medical Carts


Our range of mobile computer and tablet medical carts provide care givers with simple and comfortable solutions at point-of-care. Mobile, adjustable, and powered solutions allow clinicians and allied health professionals to perform the best under demanding environments.


Scott Clark Hot Swap Battery Powered Cart

Scott Clark Hot Swap Battery Powered Cart

In partnership with US military grade battery manufacturer Ultralife to produce what is genuinely the best of breed. The simple design makes it easy for caregivers to install and remove the battery using one-handed operation, enabling powered mobile workstations for 24/7 use. The battery system can be added to our Ergotron and HC range of non-powered medical carts or retro-fit to any existing non-powered cart with our hot swap power system for a cost effective conversion to LiFe power!

Ergotron Styleview Cart with LCD Pivot, LiFe Powered

This innovative, ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment, independent screen positioning and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray. Ultrafast recharge ensures caregiver and cart uptime with long battery life to minimize replacement costs. With single-motion fluid adjustment the cart helps promote nurse and caregiver wellness and productivity.

StyleView Laptop Cart SV10

StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV10

The nimble SV10 effortlessly moves to the point of need, securely holding a laptop for comfortable data entry. Its patented lift engine easily adjusts the platform and screen to exactly the right height for whatever task is at hand. Smooth, easily cleanable surfaces with an integrated hand-brake to provide an ultra-stable worksurface. Its inconspicuous design allows easy tilting of the screen without any occlusion of keys or views.



Complete mobility to take your computer and hardware with you as needed


Compatible with hot swap batteries, become completely mobile

Medical Facilities

Powering a mobile cart with a computer create an all-in-one solution for any medical facility


Hospitals, aged care facilities and any medical centre will benefit greatly from a tailored solution from Debetrek. We source and partner with best-in-field brands such as, Ergotron, Humanscale & Howard Medical so you can have confidence in the products and service we provide.  All of our Medical Carts are compatible with hot swap batteries, hot swap power supply and varied other mobile power options.  Offering the large range of carts abd hot swap batteries, this creates an all in one computer. We will equip you to convert a non-powered cart to powered cart to allow all day run time. This will be especially beneficial for temporary hospital environments and pop-up clinics across Australia, largely in response to COVID-19 as a way of managing patients who have contracted the Coronavirus.