Hospital-Wide Medical Management

A tailored solution for medication management

Revolutionise the process of managing and dispensing medicine with our range of automation solutions. Gain better inventory control, governance, compliance and efficiency by introducing automated dispensing cabinets, med carts and remote locks to your facility. In addition, the solution offers improved medication safety and reduced drug diversion. We have a wide range of sizes to suit each hospital’s unique needs with clinical consulting support available to ensure the solution is tailored for the facility.

A tailored solution for medication management


Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Designed to provide accuracy and to assist in the prevention of drug diversion, Automated Dispensing Cabinets offer a secure medication storage solution that supports consistent workflows and improved inventory control.

The ADCs are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from single-drawer, table-top cabinets to freestanding full tower configurations allowing for different requirements and budgets.

Modeus HS8

HS8 Controlled Drug Management Software

Through our partnership with Modeus, a leading healthcare software provider, we can offer a feature-rich, cost-effective, low-risk option to hospitals wishing to automate their drug management and transition their controlled drug processes from paper to digital.

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Remote Medication Access Lock​

These locks are the most economical way to secure any existing cabinet or safe and when paired with HS8 software will offer your facility enhanced visibility and control over access to medicines by managing permissions. With tiered access and remote management, it will offer the ability to seamlessly manage users. The locks can be attached externally to most refrigerators or drug cabinets, while providing electronic locking functionality and inventory tracking for the items stored inside.

Humanscale medlink mobile cart

Medlink Mobile Technology Cart

MedLink™, the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, transports medication, retrieves and displays patient data, and aids in the secure delivery of medication by healthcare professionals to promote patient safety. MedLink™ is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed-loop medication system. Optiisation of clinical workflows and secure delivery of medication and supplies.



Tailored to the unique needs of your facility we can provide single-drawer, table-top cabinets to freestanding full towers


Create a new level of safety and governance with complete visibility


Take security to the next level by controlling your medication management
ADCs offer enhanced medication safety, while offering efficiencies for nursing staff, pharmacists & anaesthetists. Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) and hospital administrators benefit from additional governance and compliance capabilities with the ability to track and report on users and medication. Hospital-wide inventory tracking for various medicine, drugs and schedule 8 pharmaceuticals offers rich reporting functionality which saves time for hospital and pharmacy staff. Also referred to as medstations, medication lock box, locking medication storage & locked medication dispenser. The solution integrates ADCs, remote locks, medical cabinets and locked medical cabinets and is designed to be customisable for each hospital’s unique needs, offering a high degree of adaptability for different locations. We partner with Modeus, one of Australia’s leading healthcare software providers who develop drug management software for hospitals, aged care facilities, pharmacies and vets. The hardware is sourced from Talon, an internationally recognised brand in hospital hardware.